Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brief Profile on H.eX.N group

Came across this group on Facebook and was really surprised by the few number of members on the network as I could really picture the potentials and how beneficiary the growth could be, speaking of benefits and people networking opportunities it holds.

So if you're affiliated with Covenant University in any way, I accurately recommend this group you should join on one of the largest social networking sites (Facebook).

Click the link below to navigate to the page and please go through this brief profile below.

Join H.eX.N now>>

Our Vision:
"promoting and protecting the Covenant University brand, home and abroad"

Our Mission:
"to promote the Covenant University brand through her products (students) using the power of media and public relations"

> to market covenant university products, her students
> to be a project of the Covenant University Alumni, especially the public relations department
> to produce a world class Alumni magazine
> to monitor and control what is being said about Covenant University on the web and social media
> to unite Covenant University graduates and paint a good image of the school in the hearts of the alumni
> Reduce the Unemployment Rate among CU Alumni
> Opening a platform to air the views of the Alumni & welcome their ideas about improving the school
> to do so much more as the vision permits

Target Members:
> All Covenant University Graduates
> Employers of Labour
> Potential Undergraduates
> Public Media personnel

Short Term Goals:
To do a presentation on this vision to the Incoming Covenant University Alumni during the Eagles Gathering period (Oct 1&2)

Long Term Goals:
> To do a world class Alumni magazine
> To do a seasonal TV show

Present Strategy & Progress So Far:
> Monitor what is being said about Covenant University on the Web and make the necessary amendment.
> Created a group on facebook.
> Proposed the Idea to Mr. Muyiwa Fadugba, he loves it but asked that we do same to the incoming Alumni Excos.
> Sent out messages on what most of our Alumni are doing presently and solicited support for them.
> Trying to edit a Wikipedia page on Covenant University.
> Designed a temporary logo but am looking @ doing something more excellent. The logo can only be 
used temporarily.


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