Thursday, February 17, 2011

April Election Series featuring Steve Harris and Co.

If you missed the interview with Myne Whitman, you can read it here.

As each second passes by, the political cloud thickens and more things unfold. Check out what it is this individuals actually think about April 2011 elections. Where our fate lies, only time will tell.
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This is what Lowla Dee, popular blogger and Editor of LowlaDee.Com had to say:


"I feel its a great thing. Its a time were Nigerians can truly Identify with their country. The process has been going smoothly. I just know that only the right person will sit on that chair and without bloodshed!
Goodluck Jonathan is my best bet. Lets give him a chance to lead us.

I strongly believe in voting for the right reasons. Why are you voting whom you are voting? Is it because the multitude is? When you vote the right leader, its a chain reaction because every other thing becomes right, including our economy".


Steve Harris a Managing Consultant at EDGEECUTION gave his opinion also...Let's hear...

"Well, I believe that INEC's making the best of a bad situation, though they needed a lot more time to prepare. But I hear the INEC boss is a man of integrity, so I'm sure he'll do the right thing.

Well, my pick would be Nuhu Ribadu.
He's young, dynamic, has a proven track record of performance and is globally accepted as a reformer against corruption.

Nigeria needs fresh young blood with dynamic vision who can take us to the proverbial Promised Land. We don't need RULERS, Nigeria needs LEADERS who have a track record of competence, integrity and performance.

This isn't the time to vote along ethnic or religious divides. We need to come together as a nation.

With no disrespect to the other candidates, their value proposition is either vague or non-existent.

Steve Harris

I feel that with the candidacy of Mr. Ribadu, corruption will be kicked to the curb, and it will signify a New Order in Nigeria's economy. No longer would we be the sleeping giant of Nigeria and laughing stock of the international community.

That's just my 25 cents!



Also interviewed was the Team Lead of Youth for Generational Change (YGC) Africa, Tunde David, a dynamic youth whose NGO has been a prestigious nominee of 'The Future Awards'.

Please tell me what your feel about the whole election process (INEC Reg and April elections).

We still have failed to get the fundamental issues right in Nigeria. The regulatory commission that is meant to bring sanity to the processes leading to the April elections and conduct a free and fair election is itself enmeshed in insanity. How else do you explain that N87 billion was spent on “those things” they brought in from China called data capturing machines? We still haven’t got it right!. The registration process I guess went pretty fine with few cases of irregularities except malfunctioning machines.

Tunde David (YGC Africa)

For the very first time in the history of Nigeria, we witness a deviation from the status-quo that has seen young people pioneer mechanisms and platforms to ensure that the election process takes it due course. I’m very proud at this moment to call myself a Nigerian youth as it is obvious that we have decided not to allow some persons that won’t be part of our future decide it for us. Thumbs up to every young person advocating for a fair say in the events leading to April.

Your possible pick if you were to vote?

A candidate?. I still haven’t made up my mind. I would have supported Jonathan but I presently  have issues with his administration as we presently have our debt portfolio at the highest figure ever (about 40 billion dollars) even after several increases in the price of oil in the International market. Sincerely I can’t see any concreteness in his plan for Nigeria.
BB?. That combination came to me as a huge shock and I still haven’t recovered from so I find it quite hard to share my thoughts. All the same, I’ve listened to Pastor Bakare on several platforms and I know he shares a deep passion for Nigeria. Let’s see how it goes…I’ll prefer to be silent on General Buhari for now.
I see the two parties above as major contenders. I’ll have to wish the others best of luck!

Also, please give a piece of advice and how you feel this would impact the Nigerian Economy.

Elections in Nigeria have been unacceptable by all standards. But as bad as elections have been, it cannot absolutely be described as the root cause of Nigeria’s economic woes; Elections, governance and economic development all have a positive relationship. Put in the right man and you get the right results…shikena!

From another perspective, everyone all over the world will have their focus on this year’s general elections as for once, it will no longer be business as usual and we have to put up the best structures for our elections. Statistically, election expenditure is estimated at N5.16 trillion, revenue is put at N3.18 trillion, while budget is estimated at N 4.67 trillion. That to me is a lot of stress on the economy…

I want to encourage everybody  to go ahead and SELECT the best candidate, VOTE that candidate and PROTECT their vote.

Nigeria is the Big deal….
Let’s make it the Nation of our dreams….
It’s a reality…
Let’s make it happen!


‘tunde DAVID

Stay hooked for more interesting feedback in this interesting new April Election Series...You have the say!


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