Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eagles @ 50...

50 Days ago, some eagles were released...
20 friends they say do not play for 20 years...
Here's some feedback from members of the Grace Set after 50 days as I present to you Eagles @ 50...
@ moi frequency...*wink*

Here’s what GBENGA AJIDE(owner of aIRplaY podcast) had to say:
Hi Gbenga, how has it been since grad?
Uh, It's been great. Have had a lotta time to myself

Hmm...Speaking of great, I've seen your online launch of 'aIRplaY', tell us about it
Glad you saw it. aIRplaY is a tech show that's concerned about gadgets, technology and gaming…
Largely targeted towards a Nigerian audience but international audience is welcome.

k that's great, how long have you had the idea?
Believe it or not almost a couple of years. I wanted to start it in school but it just wasn't happening.

 So would you say being a graduate has helped you actualize it?
The downside is I'm kinda far away from friends that are willing to help. The guys that know about aIRplaY already and have something to bring to the table.

So I guess you'll be getting married in say 2 years right*mischievous smile*
2 years?! No.
I see myself being on the 'move' a lot for a while being 'super-busy'

Ok then, just a shout-out to other members of the grace set as we round-up
To the members of the Grace Set, I say good success and let's do it big.
Yeah, I'd like to say a quote from one of my favorite artists:
"The bigger your dreams, the smaller the competition" - J. Cole
Of course, the harder it is. :)

Nice one, thanks for your time and we shall see at the top!
For sure! You're welcome


Lets hear from Adeoluwa Adeyemi, graduate of Building Technology (2010) and CEO of Oriel Design Studio:

Almost 2 months since grad, how has that been?
Ade (Oriel Design Studio)
Wow! In two months it’s been beautiful and full of opportunities to grow and become better. Oriel Design Studio has grown in clientele and experience. All thanks to God.

I’m glad to hear that…tell me something crazy you've been up to recently?
I just got a lawyer as a P.A and the next step is to open up a physical studio before the year runs out.

Now that’s crazy…Do you ever wish you'd started earlier?
Most definitely! But then the most important thing is that I started.

You had this in mind for a long while I guess?
Not really. Too much time shouldn't be spent on planning.
That's the mistake most of us make. As soon as possible, while the idea is ripe, launch out and be ready for everything that gets thrown at you.

That’s very true, but Ade where do you see yourself in the next 10years?
Ten years is both a long and short time. I see myself as a very successful family man with far reaching influence in business and African development.

So what's the master plan to achieving that?
The master plan?
That's hard to put own in words. Basically I have to follow God's direction with diligence and hardwork.

True talk bro, thanks for your time and see you at the top.
Ok Michael, thanks for the consideration.


Also among the people we got feedback from is Dara Asinobi who just released her magazine, Dazzle which borders on the Beauty & Health line.

How has it been since grad?
It has been wonderful since we left school....relieved that school life is over and I am looking forward to the future.

Tell us something crazy you've been up to or planning?
I haven't been up to anything crazy, just trying my best to learn new things and be more versatile in some aspects of my life.

Her Magazine Cover
So I guess you'll be getting married soon?*mischievous smile*
*laughs* It depends on your definition of soon. By God's grace in the next 3 to 4 years, I should be in that institution.

How would you rate your development since graduation on a scale of 1-10?
It is a gradual process so I will say 5 but I need serious motivation.

Hmm…same here, so where do you see Dara Asinobi 10 years from now?
In the next 10years, I see Dara married with kids, impacting lives especially in the health sector to reduce the rate of obesity and empowering mostly women on how to raise a healthy family and also working in a multinational company as a consultant.

Great dreams you got there, well thank you for your time.


Here’s another inspiring feedback from Yomi Amoussa, who was an active member of Covenant University Student Leadership and graduate of Economics.

How has it been since grad?
It has been relatively wonderful, having to readapt to the harsh realities of our everyday world as opposed to the make shift 'idealistic' society of CU. It's been good generally.

So, what have you been up to?
Preparing for NYSC, Business & Relationship development in summary.

Was this a projected plan of your undergrad days or you just decided to pick something up?
You could say it was a projected plan as everything I intended to be doing by this time of my life. In summary this is a time for capacity building prior to full take off.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10years?
I see myself realistically at the helm of affairs of a thriving business, a philanthropist par excellence, married to my heartthrob with 2 kids and creating an undeniable niche for myself and legacy for those coming after wards.
On the Christian platform, to be established as a man after God's heart as it were.

What's the master plan to achieving that?
Summarizing it in 4 sentences; Build the brand called 'Yomi' I.e. Develop myself to a point of relevance in my generation for which reason I can't be ignored.
Chase after God wholeheartedly.
Love my wife and family and finally never give up regardless of whatever I might come up against. Possibility mentality all the way!


Popular blogger and poet, Harry Itie had his own experience to share.

Lets get to meet you
My name is Harry Itie. I am 21 years old. I am a writer, blogger and spoken word artist.I graduated from the 2010 class of Mass Communication

Harry @ a book launch
How has it been since graduation?
Life after graduation has been amazing. Even though I have encountered challenges along the way, I see that all I learnt from school were very important.

Tell me something crazy you've been up to recently?
Well, I am going fully into the new media industry. I will be launching my news and information site next week.
The name of the site is YADA and it will blow you away!

Was this a projected plan of ur undergrad days or you just decided to pick something up?
No it wasn't. In my undergraduate days I saw myself getting a job and earning a fixed salary. Now, all I see is a world of possibilities. Anything can happen.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10years?
In the next ten years, I see myself running my own media company.

What's the master plan to achieving that?
I have to apply myself and develop the gift that I have been given. I also have to work really hard so it would be a success. Thanks

Thanks for your time and God bless!



  1. Micheal this is real Good. I look forward to working with you guys and by Gods grace we will get to where we want to be.

  2. Amen to that Dara. Thats the essence, we start living the dream Now!

  3. great stuff! great people!
    I saw aIRplaY, good and impressive. Oriel design studios...have some mad designs, they're good! I'm excited, I really want to see Dazzle mag cos I know it would be wonderful but how can we get a copy of Dazzle?
    Yomi...I have great expectations, you're blessed and by God's grace yours and mine will not be cut short in Jesus name, Amen.
    Harry...he's rolling with God! He's an inspiration.
    Good work people...and Micheal...great're next to be celebrated!
    God's blessings :)

  4. Thanks a lot D-1 and Amen to the prayer. um...About the Dazzle Mag, you could check for Dara Asinobi on FB and send her a message, she'd reply on details of how to get it.

  5. Okay... Short of words....
    No o! short of words at all...
    G! (airplay)..u rock mahn!

    For just the fact that I know this great people makes me so happy as I read this. See Each and err1 of u at the topmost top!

    Mikey nice Job! Looking forward to 100dayz. na me go Interview you. hw come Akanni no dey here. Thumbs up to the dude...Watch him live 2mao @ STv (Dstv ch 131 I guess)

  6. A.Y. haha...why are you short of words? Its just the beginning.

    And about the 100 dayz, I will be so glad to be interviewed. Tolu was the originator of the idea..hence his lack of being part of the interviewees.