Thursday, June 2, 2011

College Dropout to Corporate Sell-out - The Steve Harris Exclusive!

This month's feature is an exclusive interview with Steve Harris, a Management Consultant who has recently launched a new book that tells the story of his journey from being a Drop-out to a sought-after Corporate Consultant. Its an inspiring and interesting book as revealed in the Sneak Preview that held me spell-bound till I read the last dot.

I'm proud to present you this close-up interview on Steve's new book.
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Being a Management Consultant, how has that been for you so far?

• It’s been an exciting journey, filled with great opportunities to identify potential problems and then turn them around for the better. I wouldn’t be in business if there weren’t any problems and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I particularly fell in love with the cover page of your new book, tell us about it.

• Well the concept for my book, “From College Dropout To Corporate Sellout” puts into perspective, the 2 parts of my personality; one’s the guy who dropped out of college twice and didn’t believe in himself because very few people did and the Corporate Sellout is the guy who’s got it all together, pretty much a corporate success. 

I’d never have been this guy without the ‘dropout’ in me. He motivates me to prove to myself and the world that I’m not the person they mistook me for. There’s a ‘sellout’ in every dropout’. Go get the book and get the full details.

What can you recall as your highlights and major challenges in the course of writing the book.

• I actually didn’t start out with the intention of writing this book. I had another book that I was writing, and I got a case of ‘writer’s block’, so my editor (‘Seun Salami) advised me to write my biography. I was a little skeptical to begin with, because I thought I needed to be someone really noteworthy to write my biography and also I’d be thought to be a little arrogant to believe that people would wanna read my story, but I acquiesced and here it is. I started writing in February 2011 and it was finished in April 2011.

I guess the major highlights would be to know for a certainty that so many people would be blessed and inspired to overcome their own perceived limitations after reading this book.

My second highlight was when a friend of mine read the manuscript and was so blown away that she wrote me a cheque for a =N=100, 000 to ensure that I got it published. That was humbling.

And most importantly, was reading the foreword of one of my most special mentors, Mr. Tonye Cole (MD, Sahara Energy). It literally brought tears to my eyes.

My first encounter with you was at a conference in 2007 where you spoke a bit on your story alongside Fela Durotoye; how would you rate FD's impact on you?

• I must say that next to Jesus Christ and my parents, FD’s been the most important influence in my life. He took a chance on a college dropout and boosted my confidence, taught me so much and today, here I am! He’s a truly great leader.
Steve & Fela Durotoye (Right)

Okay, drifting a bit from the book, who would you regard as the most influential person in your life?

• Fela Durotoye, Paul Adefarasin and Tonye Cole
Pst. Paul Adefarasin (House On The Rock)

College Drop-out to Corporate Sell-out; tell us a bit about the Corporate Sell-out aspect.

It's just how I've turned my perceived disabilities into great opportunities. Would you believe i get paid to tell people how i dropped out of school and how today, I'm living the life of my dreams? That's weird!

What's your typical work-day like?

* Saying my Prayers, Speaking to clients, having meetings, listening to soothing music and coming up with products.

I must be hectic for a celebrity like you, how do you cool-off?

* I wouldn't consider myself a celebrity, I still walk on the street and nobody knows me, I can still buy Agege bread or pull over and buy corn for my wife... (laughs) and escape unnoticed.

Well, I love watching movies (really enjoyed Fast Five), listening to music and just being with my family, watching cartoons with my chic. I don't party; I like to keep it simple.

A lot of Nigerian youths are out there with crazy ideas but lack the necessary support, how possible is it to make an impact with so little at their disposal?

* Dream Big, Start small, Grow fast! And get a mentor!!!

Who's your business icon and why?

* Right now, it would be Tony Robbins.
He's proliferated his products and conferences around the world and has been an adviser to Presidents, Fortune 500 CEO's and still connects to the 'Regular Joe and soccer mom" out there. That's my dream.

Where and when can we purchase your books?

* Well, from June, they should be in any good bookstore, so keep your eyes open!
Book Samples

In a piece, what would you like to tell our youths out there?

It's not what you don't have that limits you; it's what you have but don't know how to use! 
Identify your gifts and spend your life being the best at what you're naturally good at!

You can download the Sneak Preview here: Steve's Book  | Cover Page

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  1. I met Steve Harris about a year ago in Enugu. The training session was captivating as he held us spellbound. He inspired me and made a lasting impression on me. His story seems untrue but it is simply the TRUTH! Your world will unravel before you when you read this book or have a chance encounter with him.

  2. I live in USA, how can i get the book?

  3. truthfully, when the Lord is your strength there is no height that can be too high for you. Jesus is the secrete.

  4. we all make a few mistakes in life before getting back on course. how quickly we get back, depends so much on how yielding we are to the call of God upon our lives. Jesus is Lord